First, we want to assure you that we have done our best to minimize the risk of a piercing rejecting through years of research and observation.

We have researched and developed our techniques and continue to improve upon them to rule out negative side effects clients have experienced. A mixture of simplifications, precautions, and better judgment based on proven clinical and laboratory science makes the resulting piercings much more comfortable, infection free, and faster to heal.

We found that friction, contamination, and chemical irritation greatly impede the comfort and successful healing of your piercing. Friction tends to come from jewelry that doesn’t fit properly, trying to heal a piercing with a ring shape, or a piercing that gets bumped around a lot or slept on during healing. Contamination is caused by dirty fingers and dirty fluids (DON’T touch your piercing!). Harsh aftercare products (antibacterial soap, strong salt solutions) and contamination from other personal care products (moisturizing soap, hair spray, shampoo, etc.) are the most common causes of chemical irritation.

This unfortunately doesn’t mean that there is no risk of rejection. If you suspect that your piercing is rejecting, let us know. It may just be part of the normal healing process. It may be that we need to adjust the jewelry you are wearing. It may be that we need to help you figure out the source of an irritation. 

Most of the time there is something we can do, even if it’s just to assure you that everything is okay.


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