Q.Do I require a booking for a piercing?

A.Yes we just take bookings for piercings.

You can do this via email, facebook messanger or stop by the studio to look at options and make a booking.

We just ask that you are feeling healthy (no cold or flu for the past 2 weeks) and that you have eaten a good meal at least 4-6 hours prior to coming in. 

Cancellation/ Rescheduling Policy.

We require at least 12 hours notice for any rescheduling or cancellation (please let us know via the confirmation text we send out or by email).

This allows us to open that appointment time for other clients.

No call/ no show will result in future appointments requiring full payment up front.

Please respect our time as we respect yours. 

If running late, please let us know ASAP via text or phone call. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the booking will need to be rescheduled & will incur a rebooking fee of $50. 


Q.What are the most common healing times for a piercing?

A.Most piercings heal in 3 months assuming that the individual maintains a strong immune system and takes advantage of the benefits of our suggested aftercare. However, for septum only 4 weeks!


Q.How soon can I change my jewellery?

A.Oral piercings COULD be changed out by a piercer as early as 2 weeks, this does not mean the piercing is healed, this is done to keep the jewellery fit comfortable and to assist in healing.

Other body and facial piercings take minimum 3 months dependant on daily care and a strong immune system. Not sure if your piercing is healed or not, stop in and see us, consultations are free, we are here to help!


Q. Can I bring my own jewellery to use at ninjaflower?

A.As members of the Assoiciation of Professional Piercers (APP) we only install -into a fresh or healed piercing - jewellery from our studio or APP approved vendors. This is to ensure quality, safe sterilisation and that the jewellery will work with our tools. 


Q.How old do I have to be to be pierced?

A.Everyone getting pierced is required to bring valid photo ID for the consent form (passport, birth certificate, drivers license).

Between the ages of 10 and 13: We need your parents to accompany you with an ID .
We offer only ear lobe piercings week days only for minors. Saturdays can be very busy at ninjaflower and we want to make sure our clients don't feel rushed.
Feel free to call 04 384 9170 to let us know you are coming in.

Between the ages of 14–17: With parental consent, we offer ear and facial piercings (this excludes tongue, lip & cheek). 

Between the ages of 16-17: With parental consent, we offer ear, navel (excludes nipple & genital piercings ) and facial piercings (this excludes tongue, lip & cheek).

If you are 18 or over all we require is a valid photo ID. 


Q. How much does it cost to get a piercing at ninjaflower?

A. Please email us at: esther@ninjaflower.co.nz for specific piercing quotes. 
Pricing depends on the jewellery you select as we carry a wide variety from basic titanium ball ends up to elaborate set gemstones. All of our gemstones settings are made without the use of glue. So we can offer a life time guarantee on the settings and the threads of our jewellery. 

All of our threaded jewellery is internally threaded, which means that there are no sharp threads on the post that can tear a piercing. The ball/gemstone ends thread on more securely than externally threaded ball/gemstone ends and are countersunk to ensure a tight fit. Our jewellery standards meet those of the Association of Professional Piercers


Q.I want to get my nipple pierced but I am afraid I won't be able to breastfeed?

A. We have no awareness of even a single case of a woman who wished to breast feed and could not as a result of having had a nipple piercing. The milk ducts are a multiplicity of little pore-like ducts. Therefore, the likelihood of closing them all off from a piercing of usual size is virtually nil. Most women do remove their jewellery for breast feeding and we believe this to be appropriate. As a result, some milk may come from the site of the piercing during nursing, which is not harmful nor problematic.There is no special care that is required during pregnancy for healed piercings. (Sourced from www.safepiercing.org)


Q.Can I get a piercing while I am pregnant?

A.It is advisable to refrain from undergoing any and all body art procedures during a pregnancy, even just an ear lobe stretch. It is best to let your body focus on the important, complex and demanding task that it is handling already. (Sourced from www.safepiercing.org)


Q. Can I get a piercing while breastfeeding?

A. Short answer no, we advise against undergoing any and all body art procedures during the feeding period, even just an ear lobe stretch. It is best to let your body focus on the important, complex and demanding task that it is handling already such as creating food your baby.


Q.I have allergies to some metals, do you carry a material that I can get pierced with?

A.Yes we do. We carry ASTM (www.astm.org) certified titanium jewellery that anyone can be pierced with, it is 100% bio-compatible, meaning even someone with severe metal allergies can be pierced. We also carry, for some piercings, FDA approved borosillicate glass. It is clear in colour.


Q. How do I go about stretching/ enlarging my earlobe piercings?

A. To maintain healthy, elastic earlobes we here at ninjaflower recommend only stretching earlobe piercings 1mm every 2 months. Using straight jewellery, such as titanium or borrosilicate glass plugs. Comfortable to sleep with and safe to wear in the shower. We see many people damaging their earlobes when stretching with tapers or spirals, causing micro-tears in the tissue which can lead to scarring and undermines the elasticity of the tissue.

Massaging jojoba oil (which is a natural oil that resembles closely the natural oils in your skin) or a fragrence free natural moisteriser into the earlobe tissue can encourage healthy earlobes, but should not be used on broken skin or piercings that are still healing. 

Our piercer Scott had his earlobes pierced at 5mm in 1993 and over the years has stretched to his goal at 65mm, no tearing, scarring or problems occured during this period because Scott chose to employ the simple tool called patience. Piercings that are stretched properly don't break the skin or result in bleeding. We even offer odd and in between size jewellery for piercings that aren't elastic enough to make that 1mm increase.

Ninjaflower also offers initial earlobe piercings up to 8mm with the proper anatomy. With no tissue removal (we see this as valuable real estate) we use a larger needle and brace the back and front of the tissue. Our clients tell us it feels more like a blunt compression than a sharp sensation. Everyone is different and we are here to cater to your specific needs.


Q. Can I bring my child with me while I get a piercing?

A. We are a family friendly studio but do require a friend/family member to look after your child while your piercing is being performed. We don't permit them in the piercing room for safety.

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