Checkups & Consults

We offer services to check on existing piercings and discussions on future options with our piercer.

Browse & Purchase Jewellery

Fell free to stop in anytime for help with choosing some new jewellery for your piercings. This does not include time to install jewellery! Certain piercings such as genital piercings will require measurements from our piercer so please book to get a measurement.

Dropping off Jewellery for Reprocessing.

If wanting to use old jewellery that you have purchased from our studio or other APP approved studios/ vendors for a new piercing please drop the jewellery off at least 24 hours before the booking to give time for reprocessing and to confirm jewellery is an optimal fit for initial piercing! We do not install jewellery from non-approved APP vendors.

Piercing Checkup (all are welcome).

This service allows you to chat with one of our front of house staff about any potential jewellery options/ concerns or aftercare tips you may need about a piercing. If we decide our piercers expertise are needed we will book an appointment with the appropriate time needed.

Jewellery Change (15 minute booking, $20 fee excluding jewellery).

Book this service to get professional assistance changing jewellery in an existing, healed piercing. Jewellery must be purchased at ninjaflower or other APP approved studios/ vendors. This fee covers the service for installing jewelry in up to 3 piercings. More piercings require an additional appointment.  

Removals ($20 fee).

Book this service to get professional assistance, removing jewellery from an existing piercing.

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