• Accessories
    Aftercare, t shirts, stickers and more...
  • New Zealand Made
    Handmade necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.
  • Earrings
    For "regular" pierced ears - if considering a purchase please double check what size you wear in your lobes as earring sizes range vastly for "regular" pierced ears. Featuring a range of materials: horn, bone, feathers, copper and silver.
  • Hanging Designs
    Beautiful ornate designs made from wood, horn, bone and metal for large gauge piercings
  • Ear Weights
    Heavy ornate jewellery for stretched ears.
  • Septum
    See also threaded circular barbell section for other septum jewellery options.
  • Rings
    Fixed bead rings niobium captive bead rings stainless steel & niobium segment rings seam rings Great for nostrils, lips, lobes, tragus, helix, nipples, septum and orbitals
  • Snapfit
    Available in 18gauge, 16gauge and 14gauge. Great for nostrils, tragus, lobes, helix, lips, rooks, eyebrows. User friendly and secure!
  • Navel
    a selection of internally threaded implant grade titanium navel jewellery
  • Threaded
    Certified implant grade titanium straight, curve, circular barbells with a range of ends and gems.
  • Plugs
    For stretched lobes ranging in size from 1.5mm up to 50mm. Available in glass, bone, wood, stone, silicone, horn & titanium.
  • Large Labrets
    Beautifully crafted labret plugs for stretched lip/ philtrum piercings
  • Piercing Retainers
    Quartz or silicone based retainers to help keep piercings open when they need to be hidden.


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