Our approach to aftercare is safe, simple, gentle and aligned with your body's natural healing mechanisms. Please feel free to download our comprehensive aftercare brochure below.

Piercing Aftercare Brochure

Our aftercare information is based in the same biological science that helps your body to heal itself without chemical antiseptics that disrupt the natural immune response. It is based on helping your body heal quickly without irritation so that you can form normal, healthy tissue. Our suggestions for recovery after a piercing are in line with modern post operative surgical wound care standards.

We contend that a piercing done using all sterilised objects handled with aseptic integrity does not need any additional chemicals to help it heal.

Healing quickly is usually a testament to your own immune system and healing factors. Skin heals from a small, clean wound in a few short weeks for a healthy person. The immune system does not usually need antiseptic, antimicrobial or antibiotic agents to help unless a person is not healthy and is directed by a physician for preventative care. Antiseptic care should be used only when a piercing gets dirty unless directed otherwise by a physician.

Most antiseptics, antimicrobials and or antibiotics, other than by prescription are not intended for daily repeated wound care the FDA has made strong statements to that effect, even demanding the recall or re-labeling of many products formerly suggested for "minor injury". Products must be proven both safe and effective to pass the FDA, and neither is the case for many antiseptics. Often the chemicals were intended as deodorants, and relabeled as antibacterial to slip by the FDA Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act testing. Nearly anything can claim to have antibacterial properties.

While antiseptic use often gives the impression that we will be safer or healthier, healing takes place regardless, not because of them. Antiseptics can slow a clean wound's immune response and healing tissue, instead of promoting healthy growth.

Resistant germs can form when antiseptics are used repeatedly. The infection risk for any type of piercing is determined by what it is contaminated by, how much, and how strongly the immune system can respond. The safety precautions we take virtually eliminate all risks of infection from the piercing itself. A person has nothing to fight off if they do not get it dirty.

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