Our approach to aftercare is safe, simple, gentle and aligned with your body's natural healing mechanisms. Please feel free to download our comprehensive aftercare brochure below.


- Firstly, stay as healthy as you can! Eat well, sleep enough and drink plenty of water!

- ICE the piercing 5 times a day - 10 minutes at a time - for the first week and a half.

- AFTER icing period is over (swelling/ redness goes down) - create a WARM DRY compress (aka a heat pack) - to increase circulation and aid in healing the piercing - hold it gently to the piercing 10 minutes at a time - 5 times a day.

- Keep the piercing DRY - after showering - use a disposable PAPER TOWEL ONLY to bently pat around the edges of the piercing to pick up excess moisture.

- Use a travel pillow (U shaped pillow) to sleep with - this helps keep the piercing elevated and the pressure off the piercing - if it is a side you naturally want to sleep on.

- Finally, come in once a month has passed - so we can see if you piercing is healing well and happy and if need be look at downsizing to a more fitted bar.


- DON'T twist, turn or pull on your piercing! - this can irritate or potentially introduce bad things to your piercing!

- DON'T take the jewellery out during the healing process - this will cause your piercing to close almost immediately!

- DON'T sleep on your piercing! - this can affect the healing (kinda like jumping on a sprainded ankle) or even change the angle of a piercing permanently.

- DON'T use harsh chemicals to clean the piercing - a simple shower with water running past or a fragrance free gentle liquid baby soap is enough! (Dr Bronners or Eco Store brand - no parabens or fragrences).

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