Feeling Healthy?
Make sure you haven't been sick in the last 2 weeks to keep your immune system fighting fit to help heal the piercing.

Have you eaten?
And we aren't meaning coffee or candy.Make sure you have a decent meal anywhere between 4-6 hours hours before the appointment to keep you balanced.

Have you had any water?
Hydration is key! Make sure you have had some water on the day of you piercing too. It helps to keep initial swelling down!

Message us back!
We like to send you a confirmation txt for your booking the day before. Don't leave us on read. Or you may lose the appointment!

Be on time!
The time we give you to be at your appointment will include time to choose jewellery if you need to! Also, if your running late let us know! We are just a txt or phone call away!

Support crew!
When it comes to getting a piercing you can bring 1 person up to the piercing room.No photography or filming in the room either!

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Wellington, New Zealand