Each ear is unique and individual just like a finger print.

Check out, below a selection of lobe piercings created by our resident piercer Scott Jania.

  • 16 gauge 2nd lobe + helix
  • 16 gauge 2nd lobe
  • 16g (1.2mm) 2ND Lobe
  • 16g (1.2mm) 2ND Lobe
  • 16gauge lobe
  • 16gauge lobe
  • 16gauge 1st & 2nd lobe
  • Single Stacked Lobe.
  • Jade Stacked Lobe.
  • Opal and Titanium Stacked Lobes.
  • High Lobes (Cascades)
Single Stacked Lobe.

Single Stacked Lobe.

Cute addition nestled between two pre-existing piercings.

Featuring implant grade titanium with a solid 14k white gold beaded flower.

Piercing created by resident piercer, Scott Jania.

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Wellington, New Zealand