What piercing we offer at what age!

All clients coming in for bookings are required to;

  • have eaten at least 4-6 hours prior to booking.
  • have been healthy for the last 2 weeks (i.e. no cold or flu in that timeframe)
  • have valid ID (or if underage parents or guardians is fine)
  • a parent or guardian if underage.

Here is a list of what piercing services we offer at what ages;

10-13 years old;

  • Parent or Guardian expected to accompany client.
  • At this age we offer only ear lobe piercings (1sts, 2nds etc.)

14-17 years old;

  • At this age we offer ear lobe, helix, tragus, conch, forward helix, eyebrow, daith, septum and nostril piercings.
  • We do not offer oral piercings etc (even with parental consent).
  • At this age we offer navel pierces with parental consent.
  • In store consult required prior before creating a booking. (no booking needed for consult)


  • At this age we offer most/ all piercings with no restrictions. (other than anatomy requirements)

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