Jewellery sizing

Jewellery is measured through a gauge system (see chart below).

  • The *higher* the gauge measurement number the *smaller* the wire is.
  • A common "earring" is usually 18 gauge.
  • A standard ear piercing at a piercing studio with a needle is usually a 14 gauge.
  • To get larger gauge piercings you should have a piercing professional stretch your piercings.
  • Jewelry gauges/sizes can vary between manufacturers. There is no universal regulation on companies to make a standard size in body jewellery. A large part of this is that some jewellery is made overseas and measured in millimetres. And in the USA jewellery is measured in inches/gauges. So many times jewellery can be anywhere from .5mm to 1mm different.
Gauge Millimetre Inch
18g 1.01mm  
16g 1.29mm 3/64"
14g 1.62mm 1/16"
12g 2.05mm 5/64"
10g 2.59mm 3/32"
8g 3.25mm 1/8"
6g 4.11mm 5/32"
4g 5.18mm 3/16"
2g 6.52mm 1/4"
0g 8.23mm 5/16"
00g 9.24mm 3/8"
000g 10mm 13/32"
  11.11mm 7/16"
  12.7mm 1/2"
  14.28mm 9/16"
  16.66mm 5/8"
  17.46mm 11/16"
  19.05mm 3/4"
  20.63mm 13/16"
  22.22mm 7/8"
  23.81mm 15/16"
  25.4mm 1"
  26.9mm 1-1/16"
  28.5mm 1-1/8"
  30.1mm 1-3/16"
  31.7mm 1-1/4"
  33.3mm 1-5/16"
  34.9mm 1-3/8"
  36.5mm 1-7/16"
  38.1mm 1-1/2"
  39.6mm 1-9/16"
  41.2mm 1-5/8"
  44.4mm 1-3/4"
  47.6mm 1-7/8"
  50.8mm 2"