We researched all available forms of sterilisation and determined that a steam steriliser would be the best available choice for the implements and jewellery we use. We use a Statim2000 Autoclave.

It does not damage our jewellery or leave any dangerous residues.

A few novelty pieces cannot be successfully steam sterilised and stay intact such as acrylic and many plastics, as well as almost all epoxy and glues.

We choose not to sell or use any item we cannot assure will be entirely safe based on current scientific standards. We choose not to sell jewellery made with glues and most plastics. Not only do they tend to break too easily, but may conceal and protect pathogens through any sterilisation process other than by penetrating radiation.

Our Statim 2000 autoclave is spore tested and monitored monthly and our test results are posted next to the register.