We offer a range of body modification services from simple to more advanced.

Free hand/clamp free piercing

A technique used in initial piercings that give results of a more comfortable piercing, this is achieved by the piercer using soft, gloved, padded finger tips rather than the common technique of sharp cold metal medical clamps that often result in bruising and unnecessary discomfort. Free hand piercing simply makes piercing easy on the client.

Large gauge initial piercings
Include soft tissue, earlobes, labret, nipple, navel and genital.

Dermal punching
Include harder tissue, conch, helix, nostril, tragus.

Single point piercing/dermal anchors/micro dermals

Surface to surface piercings
These can be performed with custom made flat titanium surface barbells. Custom fit just like your shoes.

On happy, healthy piercings that are completely healed.

Custom, one of a kind designed by Katy Hayward, Nathan McIntyre & Brie Dots.