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Scott Jania, piercing technician since 1993 and Esther McCreadie; owner, manager, jewellery buyer; both are committed to continual education and improvement in our technique and quality rich service.

Esther and Scott come from two different ends of the spectrum. Esther, a Wellington native, spent 7 years living in Chicago, where she developed an intense love of ethnic jewellery through her involvement in tribal style belly dance.

She met Scott 15 years ago while he was working as the senior body piercer and manager of the piercing department inside "The Alley" alternative shopping complex. Since the beginning of Scott's career he has done guest spots, attended the Association of Professional Piercers annual conference, but most importantly he has become part of a community of piercers who work hard for higher standards and improved techniques.
If you ask what Esther or Scott would want on their sandwich, the answer is always, more jewellery please.

We strive to provide the cleanest, best quality piercing to you. We use a Statim 2000 autoclave. This allows us to sterilise all components for each piercing, including the gloves, in an individual cycle right before your procedure. We use only Nitrile gloves, so there is no concern of latex allergies.

We implement the use of sterile technique without clamps with each piercing procedure. By autoclave sterilising every item which will be used in the piercing procedure immediately prior to use, handling these items using sterile technique, then disposing of everything used, we reduce the risk of disease or infection transmission to you, our client. This allows for faster healing with minimal risk of complications.

Our piercing techniques do not require the use of clamps, pliers, or other contrivances, which may cause damage to the tissue being pierced. By using gentle tissue massage and alignment techniques, we can provide you with a piercing which looks and feels good from day one.

Our suggested aftercare for new piercings are simple to follow and requires no extra effort on your part. By providing you with a safe, simple, and gentle piercing, we eliminate the need for the use of complicated or risky, untested chemical aftercare regimes.

Our jewellery for use in new piercings is certified to meet ASTM standards deemed safe for surgical implant materials. This gives you a guarantee that the materials placed in your new piercings have been scientifically tested to be safe for prolonged and repeated wear in the body. For initial piercings, we carry: glass (pyrex and quartz) and internally threaded titanium.

We also carry a wide range of organic jewellery for healed piercings.

Materials include: stone, horn, bone, bamboo, wood and shell to name a few!


Zac Hargood: Captain Hargood hails from Asgard and has been on the front line in battle for quality jewellery crafted by hands of middle earth for many cycles.

Hargood draws his power from Ancient Asgardin amethyst to best serve our clients so they may manifest their piercing dreams into reality.

The ravens sing his name....


Nathan McIntryre

Check out his work on instagram : https://www.instagram.com/n.mc______/


If you have any questions call us on 04 384-9170 or email esther@ninjaflower.co.nz

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