Curated Ear

  • Double helix & tragus
    Featuring implant grade titanium. Helix features northstar and bezel set gem Tragus features prong set gem peridot and black opals a lovely colour combination
  • Daith, tragus & lobes
    Featuring implant grade titanium. Daith features prong set gemstone clicker. Tragus features bezel set facetd gemstone. 2nd and 3rd lobe feature prong set faceted gems.
  • Lobes
    pierced 2nd lobe and installed matching solid gold tribead in 1st lobe - simple but elegant.
  • Conch & helix
    Conch and helix featuring matching blue opals set in titanium with a complementary 14kt white gold feather that fits perfect with the shape of her ear.
  • Helix, conch and stretched lobe
    Mixing opals and faceted gemstones creates a beautifully balanced set of ear piercings.
  • Helix & tragus
    Opals look vibrant against our clients pink hair.
  • Helix, conch and stretched lobe
    Tutquoise and rose gold theme creates a lovely combination.
  • Daith & helix
    Blue opals set in titanium.
  • Helix, daith & tragus
    Rose gold and faceted garnet create a rich colour palette.
  • Forward helix & helix
    Mixing in prong set faceted stones in a champagne and opal combination.
  • Rook & helix
    Faceted cubic zirconia and titanium make a sweet simple combo.
  • Helix & conch
    Solid 14kt yellow gold and pearl combination - stylish.
  • Helix, conch & tragus
    All 14kt yellow gold
  • Rook & conch
    Titanium curved barbell featuring cubic zirconia are paired with a titanium gem plug with opal dangle
  • Helix
    featuring cubic zirconia to match with her pre-existing earrings - classic
  • Helix
    Pre-existing ear lobe piercings are paired with a titanium prong set gemstone cluster - beautiful combo.