hanging designs

  • bone/shell
    and nut! Tagua nut: found from southern Panama along the Andes to Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. They are commonly known as ivory palms, ivory-nut palms or tagua palms; their scientific name means "plant elephant". This and the first two of the common names refer to the very hard white endosperm of their seeds (tagua nuts), which resembles elephant ivory. Handcarved shapes for stretched lobes from 1.6mm up to 11mm.
  • glass
    we are the only studio outside the United States to carry this amazing line of hand blown glass shapes... custom requests welcome!
  • horn
    Handcarved water buffalo horn for strectched ear lobe piercing ranging in size from 1.5mm up to 12.5mm
  • metal
    Hanging shapes for lobes ranging from 1.5mm and up. These include ear weights for decorative lobes or stretching. Metals include: copper, silver, brass, gold, steel, niobium & titanium.
  • wood
    Handcarved wood shapes for stretched earlobe piercings, ranging in size from 1.6mm up to 16mm. From a great selection of wood: ebony, bloodwood, pink ivory, marbled burl wood and zebrawood. Custom requests welcome.