• bone/nut
    available in sizes 3mm to 25mm
  • glass
    Hand blown borosilicate glass. For stretched earlobe piercings and nostril retainers. Sizes ranging from 1.5mm up to 45mm.
  • horn
    Handcarved water buffalo horn jewellery for stretched earlobe piercings. From 4mm up to 25mm.
  • silicone eyelets
    Comfortable and squishy for stretched ear lobes ranging from 5mm up to 1" listed. Not for stretching!! Email us for custom sizes and/or colours, available up to 72mm (3") (
  • silver/copper/brass/gold
    9.25 sterling silver, brass and copper for stretched earlobes in sizes ranging from 3mm and up. Custom sizes and requests welcome.
  • stone
    hand carved stone for stretched earlobe piercings. ranging in size from 2.5mm and up! custom requests welcome!
  • titanium
    For stretched earlobes, from 2mm/12gauge up to 11mm/7/16". Larger sizes available on request.
  • wood/bamboo
    Handcarved wood plugs for stretched earlobe piercings, sizes ranging from 3mm up to 59mm. Made from a variety of wood: ebony, bloodwood, maple and burl. We also feature a large selection of bamboo: an awesome material: anti-microbial, anti-fungal, waterproof, and sustainable. Custom requests welcome!