• 16g ball
    price is for one single ball end
    to be used with an internally threaded post
    made from titanium
    please select size and colour
    NZ$15.40 S
  • 16/14/12gauge captive cluster
    price is for one gemstone cluster bead - ring not included
    can be snapped into a captive bead ring or between a circular barbell
    please select stone:
  • 16g 3mm prong gemstone
    price is for one threaded setting
    to be used in an internally threaded post
    please select your stone:
    NZ$34.90 S
  • 16g/18g flower
    price is for one flower
    internally threaded
    post sold seperately
    made from 2mm turquoise petals and pink opal cabs
    set in titanium
  • 16g prium cluster
    price is for 5 gem prium cluster top only
    set in titanium with arctic blue cz
    post sold seperately
  • 16g Industrial skeleton key
    price is for one key
    internally threaded posts sold seperately
    this piece requires two barbell posts and ball/gem ends
    solid 14kt white gold