• 8g niobium septum retainer
    price is for a single
    NZ$50.00 S
  • 8g septum eyelet
    price is for one
    stainless steel
    o-rings included
    3/8" wearing surface
  • 8g circular barbell post
    price is for one titanium internally threaded post
    ball/gem ends sold seperately
    please select inner diameter:
    NZ$53.30 S
  • 8g ball
    price for one ball end only
    to be used in an internally threaded post
    please select size:
    NZ$19.50 S
  • 8g septum pincher
    price is for one
    o-rings included
    3/8" or 9.5mm inside diameter
    black borosilicate glass
  • 3mm bloodwood pincher
    price is for one
    o-rings included
    10mm inside diameter
  • 8g black retainer
    price is for one
    made from borosilicate glass